Latest Classes

BBQ 'Date Night' Class and Dinner

Members +Spouse 75.00

Non-Members +Spouse 100.00

Location/Date: TBA

You and your partner will be treated to a 4-course meal from one of BBQ’s best chefs. Each recipe will be explained and demonstrated for you as the evening unfolds. This is one of Jim’s most popular classes.

Recipes will be provided, and the tips and tricks taught can be used on any backyard BBQ/Grill.

Tailgaters Class

Members 55.00 Non-Member 65.00

Location/Date: TBA

Tailgating is a tradition in the U.S. so why not learn from a long-time tailgater on how to really impress the gang. Whether you’re at the game or just prepping some great game day snacks in your backyard this is the session for you.

Recipes will be provided, and the tips and tricks taught can be used on any backyard BBQ/Grill.

Grilling/Steak Class -Ott0 Wilde Demo

Members 55.00 Non-Member 65.00

Location/Date: TBA

Learn the secrets of getting great grilled, steaks, chicken and veggies on your backyard grill. We will demo and sample numerous dishes and see multiple techniques for getting the best off of your grill this summer. We will be demoing the Otto Wilde Grill in this class (We have a members Discount)

Recipes will be provided, and the tips and tricks taught can be used on any backyard BBQ/Grill.

Ole' Hickory CTO Class/Demo


Members 55.00 Non-Member 65.00

Location/Date: TBA

For the serious BBQ Chef who wants to compete, cater, or add BBQ to a restaurant’s menu this class will be essential. We will be using an Ole Hickory CTO model that has the capacity to handle most BBQ requirements. Ole Hickory Pits are proven winners on both the KCBS Competition circuit and in the restaurant world. See how you can use this versatile easy to use cooker by an expert and Grand Champion Pit Master.

Ole’ Hickory Pits

Competition BBQ Cook Along Class & Mock Contest

Members 400.00 Non-Members 500.00

Location/Date: TBA

Join us for this unique opportunity to master competition BBQ’s four meat categories. Lead by Jim Johnson a true BBQ Pit Master with 78 Grand Championships, this will be a class like no other ever offered in Canada!

Jim will lead participants though an entire cook from meat selection, trimming, prep, seasoning cooking and presentation. Teams will be cooking along with Jim as he coaches you how to apply championship techniques to your cook. We will be doing a mock turn in to KCBS Certified Judges at an open judging table (Finally you will get direct feedback on your scores).

Most teams who have taken this course in the past with Jim have gone on to be very competitive in the KCBS world.

Meat Packages will be available to teams price TBA

Judges are encouraged to join the course (Cost 50.00) to learn about what goes on behind the scenes at a competition.

Great for new and seasoned BBQ competition teams as well as those backyard chefs.

Special Events

Jim Johnson Meet & Greet

Location/Date: TBA

Reception 6:30 -7:30

Members 5.00 Non-Members 10.00

Help us welcome Jim Johnson to Manitoba. Jim will say a few words, share some tasty BBQ treats and take some questions and then mingle.

This will be followed by “Getting Started in Compatition BBQ”

Getting Started in Competition BBQ

Location/Date TBA

Presentation 7:30-9:30

Members Free Non-Members 10.00

Learn how to participate is the great hobby of competition BBQ. Join Jim Johnson and a few local teams as they talk about what it takes to be successful Pitmaster in Canadian BBQ

How to start a Comp Team, what equipment do you need, entering your first competition and more tales form the BBQ trail.